The BeSqueak Project

Porting Squeak--a Smalltalk-80 environment--to the BeOS
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Send me an e-mail if you would like to help. Any contribution would be more than welcome!

Things are pretty static nowadays. Mainly just updating the VM when new versions of Squeak come out of SqueakCentral.

Goal Progress
Main VM up and runningDone.
Directory primitivesDone.
BWindow displayDone.
BDirectWindow displayDone.
PluggablePrimitive supportDone.
Support for latest Squeak imageSqueak 2.8
Sound outputDone.
Sound inputNot started.
MIDIOutput is well along its way; however, input has not been started.
3d primitivesDone.
Sound codecsDone, but not tested.
The goals below are long term / experimental and may not be implemented at all.
Event-based input (currently polling)?
Dynamically sized memoryNot started.
C/C++ shared libraries call-outsNot started.
Native thread support?
Native window support?