The BeSqueak Project

Porting Squeak--a Smalltalk-80 environment--to the BeOS
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What is Squeak?

Check out for an explanation.

What image versions are supported?

All the 2.x versions I've tested are known to work. Other image versions might work as well.

When will the virtual machine be ready?

Downloads are already available. The biggest need right now is just testing. Please report all bugs to our mailing list (see our links page).

How does the PPC port compare to the x86 port?

Most of the development has been done on x86 machines; however testing is constantly being done on the PPC port as well. This has usually translated to the PPC port being one step behind and having less features working. We are currently working are using the new x86 to PPC cross development tools included with BeOS R4.5 to make the PPC build even closer to the x86 build.

Where do I go for more answers?

Check out the links page.